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Washburn, Wisconsin

A Small Town On The Greatest Lake


Surrounded by forest, the city of Washburn nestles on the shore of Lake Superior's historic Chequamegon Bay in northernmost Wisconsin. With unparalleled outdoor recreation opportunities, a vibrant cultural life, and a progressive atmosphere, Washburn is great place to live, a rewarding place to do business, and a spectacular place to visit.

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August 25, 2014 Press Release:



A sanitary sewer overflow has occurred at the City of Washburn’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The overflow occurred at approximately 2:00 a.m. on Monday, August 25 and lasted until approximately 3:30 a.m. on the same date.  This overflow was located at the intake bar screen to the plant. It is estimated that approximately 50,000 gallons of sewage spilled over onto the grounds of the treatment plant property. 


A high amount of inflow was experienced due to large amount of rain in a very short period.  The rain gauge at the Washburn Treatment Plant recorded 3.2 inches of rainfall overnight.  The City of Washburn of Public Works personnel have responded to the incident, and have addressed to the overflow to limit damage the treatment plant and to limit harm to the public and the environment.


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has been notified.   Pursuant to the requirements of NR 210, this press release is being issued regarding this event.  The City of Washburn is working to make improvements to its treatment plant to limit these types of incidents in the future.   Residents are encouraged to make sure that sump pumps are not connected to the sanitary sewer system.  This will assist in reducing flow amounts. 


                        *                                                          *                                                          *


For more information contact:            Scott Kluver, City Administrator, at 715-373-6160 ext. 4




City of Washburn Seeks Volunteers and Paid On-Call

Part-Time Daytime EMTs



The City of Washburn, Wisconsin is seeking dedicated and committed individuals to serve ether in volunteer or daytime paid-on-call capacities as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).  All eligible applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have valid Wisconsin Driver’s License with a clean driving record.  Selected applicants whom do not possess a valid Wisconsin EMT Basic License will be required to complete the 180hr EMT Training Program and must be capable of meeting WITC’s program admission requirements.  All paid-on-call daytime positions are up to 25hrs/week and wages are $8.00/ hour.  Volunteers are required to work at least one 6-hour shift per month and receive compensation per each call response.  Additional information on eligibility requirements, job applications, or job descriptions may be obtained from the Washburn City Hall or downloaded from the City’s website at www.cityofwashburn.org/employment.htm  


Applications may be submitted by email to asstadmin@cityofwashburn.org or by mail or in person to: Kenneth Cammilleri, Assistant City Administrator, 119 Washington Avenue, P.O. Box 638, Washburn, WI 54891.  Applications must be received by Friday, August 22, 2014 at 3:00PM.  The City of Washburn is an equal opportunity employer. 




City of Washburn Harbor Commission

Notice of Public Hearing on Restated Slip Lease Declarations – Washburn Marina



Please take notice that the City of Washburn Harbor Commission will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, August 13, at 5:30 p.m. in the Washburn City Hall at 119 Washington Ave., Washburn WI 54891.  The purpose of the hearing is to receive public comment on the proposed restatement of the Slip Lease Declarations at the City of Washburn Municipal Marina.  A copy of the proposed Restated Slip Lease Declarations can be obtained at the Washburn City Hall at the address stated above.  In addition, a copy of the proposed Restated Slip Lease Declarations can be obtained at the Washburn Marina, at 1 Marina Drive, Washburn, WI 54891, or on the City’s website at www.cityofwashburn.org.


Written comments may be submitted in advance of the meeting.  Please address them to the attention of the City Administrator and send them to P.O. Box 638, Washburn WI 54891 or e-mail them to washburnadmin@cityofwashburn.org . Questions on the proposed changes may be addressed to Michelle Shrider, Washburn Marina Manager, at 715-373-5050.



            Respectfully Submitted,

            Scott J. Kluver




·         Summary of Changes to 2014 Marina Declaration

·         2014 Marina Declaration Revisions



June 17, 2014:

A Look at the Historic Washburn Carnegie Library

The Washburn Public Library has always been and still remains an important part of our community.  Click here to see the a brief profile of our library by FOX 21 News KQDS-DT.




June 11, 2014:

East 3rd Street in City of Washburn is Now Included in State Register of Historic Places

32 Houses and structures on the City’s East 3rd Street have now been included in the State of Wisconsin Register of Historic Places.  Click here to see the whole story on FOX 21 News KQDS-DT’s Website.


The City of Washburn Waterworks Publishes Its 2013 Consumer Confidence Report

Click Here to read the 2013 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) and learn more about your drinking water!


June 4, 2014 - For Immediate Release:

National Historic District Approved in Washburn

The City of Washburn East Third Street Historic District has been approved for inclusion in the State Register of Historic Places and is awaiting the announcement of its inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places in America. The residential neighborhood includes 32 structures that encompass a variety of architectural styles. More importantly, the district captures the unique personality of Washburn. The concentration of single-family homes and duplexes have remained intact since many were built between 1915 through 1920 by the DuPont Corporation to house employees. Known locally as “DuPont Row,” the historic district becomes one of 84 nationally recognized districts in the State of Wisconsin.


The mature neighborhood’s oldest architectural style is Queen Anne. But the mixture of styles, including American Craftsman, Dutch Colonial Revival, American Foursquare, Bungalow, Prairie School and Colonial Revival, is what gives the new historic district its character. An impressive collection of Bungalow single-family houses and duplexes is the most dominant style of architecture within the district.


The process began in August of 2008, when the City of Washburn’s Historic Preservation Commission undertook a survey of historically and architecturally significant resources. This initial study identified 147 different structures within the City that had potential historic importance. A second, more intensive survey was completed in July of 2009. In addition to creating a comprehensive database of information about Washburn’s historic resources, the survey identified specific buildings that were potentially eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places in America.  In addition, the East Third Street Historic District was identified as eligible. A grant from the State Historical Society of Wisconsin funded the nomination of the district in October of 2012.


According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, historic districts bring economic value to a city. Historic districts typically have higher home values and promote a sense of community. They also can attract stable businesses, promote tourism, and bring more tax dollars into a community, allowing for greater public investment in infrastructure and services.


The East Third Street Historic District will be included in a historic home tour and trolley tour during Washburn’s Brownstone Days on Saturday, July 26. The Washburn Heritage Association, who facilitated the creation of the historic district, sponsors the tours.


For more information about the topic discussed in this press release, please contact: Kristy Jensch, Email: kjensch@centurytel.net


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Need information on beach closures?
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