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Washburn, Wisconsin

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Surrounded by forest, the city of Washburn nestles on the shore of Lake Superior's historic Chequamegon Bay in northernmost Wisconsin. With unparalleled outdoor recreation opportunities, a vibrant cultural life, and a progressive atmosphere, Washburn is great place to live, a rewarding place to do business, and a spectacular place to visit.

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Posted May 22, 2015:


An open letter to the citizen’s of Washburn:


     On Wednesday night (5/20/15), the Harbor Commission was asked to consider a request from a company (Foth Infrastructure and Environment) that is working to build a 1000' stone break wall to shelter the Ashland Superfund site.  The request is to lease the Coal Dock for approximately one year.  The operation would consist of trucking in 70,000 tons of stone from Highbridge and Merrill, WI, to the Coal Dock.  From there, it would be loaded on to barges using a crane and front-end loaders.  The barges would then carry the stone across the bay to Ashland. 

     In order for this amount of stone to be moved, the company estimates that it will require 40-60 semi-truck loads per day from June through November of this year, and possibly into the spring and early summer of 2016.       

     This shipping operation, if approved by the Harbor Commission, will have a significant impact on the City of Washburn and the Marina due to increased truck traffic and noise from the loading and unloading of the stone.  Members of the Harbor Commission were very concerned with this impact, and considered it at great length.  The Harbor Commission is negotiating with the company based not on the market rates for commercial dock space, but on the impact that this operation would have on our city. Representatives from Foth gave a presentation to the Harbor Commission, and the highlights of their initial proposal included:

-          $14,000 per month lease of the dock during active shipping (June-November & May-June 2016)

-          $2,000 per month during winter months

-          Operations from 7am-9pm, 7 days per week.

-          Coal Dock closed to the public for duration of the lease

    After hearing a presentation the Harbor Commission went into closed session and immediately recognized that the disruption caused by this type of industrial shipping operation could not be justified for the amount of financial compensation being offered. The Harbor Commission rejected the initial offer from Foth.  As city attorney David Siegler stated to the Foth representatives after the closed session, “The Harbor Commission cannot justify a project of this scale, with no direct benefit to the City of Washburn unless it can in fact result in a direct benefit to the City of Washburn.”

     One of the significant financial and infrastructure challenges facing the City is the deterioration of the Coal Dock.  The North/East wall of the dock is in dire need of repair.  The 2013 estimates to repair the dock with sheet piling, the least expensive alternative, ranges from $1.2 to 1.54 million dollars.  At this time, we believe we have exhausted all outside grant opportunities to fund this repair, which means that the full burden of the repair falls on the City’s, and therefore the taxpayer’s, shoulders.

    Recognizing the severe infrastructure needs of the Coal Dock, the Harbor Commission agreed to continue negotiations with Foth beginning with these highlighted stipulations, offered in a counter-proposal.

-          Full structural analysis of the Coal Dock performed by an engineer of the    

City’s choosing, at the expense of the contractor. No agreement will move forward if the Coal Dock cannot withstand the proposed operation.

-          Full PASER and video assessment of Central Ave. and/or 1st Ave E. prior to project start.  Foth will be responsible to bring the street back to or better than existing conditions at the completion of the project.

-          1-year flat fee lease of the Coal Dock for $1.5million- It is anticipated that this amount will cover the cost to fully repair the Coal Dock north/east wall

-          Operational hours:

o    M-F 7am-8pm, Sat. 8am-6pm, No operations on Sunday

o    No operations during 4th of July, Homecoming, Labor Day, or Applefest weekends.

-          Coal Dock to be re-opened for public use after active shipping has ended for the winter.

     It is important to note that no final agreement has been reached.  Negotiations will continue for the next few weeks if Foth is interested in continuing to negotiate.  The Harbor Commission may choose to vote on the contract at their next meeting, which is currently scheduled for June 17th, if negotiations continue and a final document can be prepared by that time.

  It is possible that the Harbor Commission could schedule a special meeting before that date.  If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me or to Harbor Commission members.  You can find a list of the Harbor Commissioners here: http://cityofwashburn.org/marina.htm





Scott Griffiths

Mayor, City of Washburn


Posted: May 18, 2015

Announcing City Hall Summer Hours

Beginning May 26th and ending September 4th:

 City Hall Hours will be from 7:30 A.M. Until 4:30P.M.



Posted: May 18, 2015


Notice of Applications Filed For Alcohol Beverage Licenses

Renewals and Original Applications 7/1/2015 - 6/30/2016





Uncle Walleyes LLC, Barbara K. Engelhard Agent, Patsy’s Bar, Corporation Class B Fermented Malt Beverage & Intoxicating Liquor, 328 West Bayfield Street.



Dauson, Inc., Harlan Guske, Agent, Firehouse, Corporation Combination Class B Fermented Malt Beverage & Intoxicating Liquor, 10 West Bayfield Street.



John's Prime Steak Pit, Inc., Edith M. Deutsch, Agent, The Steak Pit, Corporation Combination Class B Fermented Malt Beverage & Intoxicating Liquor, 125 Harbor View Drive.



Washburn IGA Bitzer's Inc., Robert J. Bitzer, Agent, Washburn IGA, Corporation Class A Fermented Malt Beverage and Intoxicating Liquor, 226 West Bayfield Street.



David P. Nickels, A Nickel's Worth, Individual Combination Class B Fermented Malt Beverage & Intoxicating Liquor, 800 West Bayfield Street.



Lyndale Terminal Co., dba Holiday Station store #227, Eugene Rich, Agent, Corporation Class A Fermented Malt Beverage, 606 West Bayfield Street.



.               Leino’s Gas & Goods, Inc., Susan M. Tibbits, Agent, Corporation Class A Fermented Malt Beverage, 137 West Bayfield Street.



Timothy F. Ledin, dba Hugo’s Log Cabin, Individual Class B Fermented Malt Beverage License, 905 W. Bayfield Street.



StageNorth, LTD, Scott Burchill, Agent, Stage Door Bar, Corporation Combination Class B Fermented Malt Beverage and Intoxicating Liquor, 123 West Omaha Street.



DaLou’s Bistro, Inc., Dale Hanson, Agent, DaLou’s Bistro, Corporation Class B Fermented Malt Beverage and Class C Wine, 310 West Bayfield Street



The Snug, LLC, dba The Snug, Kristi M. Doman, Agent, Corporation Class B Fermented Malt Beverage & Intoxicating Liquor, 308 West Bayfield Street



Naturally Superior, Inc., Dale A. Brevak, Agent, Lake Superior View Golf, Corporation Class B Fermented Malt Beverage, 950 County Hwy C



Washburn Bay, LLC, dba Sauce, Jeremy Michael Olson, Agent, Renewal Class B Fermented Malt Beverage and Original Class C Wine, 631 West Bayfield Street



Washburn Asian, LLC, dba Golden Dragon Chinese & Japanese Restaurant, Yan Lin, Agent, Corporation Class B Fermented Malt Beverage and Class C Wine, 211 West Bayfield Street



Outdoor Allure, LLC, Kacey L. Slowinski, Agent, Original Class A Fermented Malt Beverage, 1819 W. Bayfield Street




Kenneth Cammilleri

Assistant Administrator/Deputy Clerk






Posted: May 15, 2015





The Common Council for the City of Washburn will be holding a public hearing pursuant to Section 3-6-4(d), Code Of Ordinances, Washburn, Wisconsin, on Monday, June 8, 2015, 5:30 PM, in the Council Chambers of the Washburn City Hall, 119 Washington Avenue, Washburn, Wisconsin, to receive public comment on placement of the following properties on the Citys surplus real property sales list as recommended by the Plan Commission.



Parcels described as:



Property Inventory

 And Map #                                         Tax ID#                       Property Description


#27                                                     37075                          South of Harbor View Drive, Surface Utility

Infrastructure to Remain in City Ownership


#26 & 28                                             32604                          Marina Property – For Construction of Boat Storage Facility only                


#43-48                                                 37054, 37055              Properties Repurchased South of Omaha Street

37056, 32603              between Central Avenue and South 2nd Ave West

                                                            32607, 32612


#49                                                      None                            Road Easement off of Harbor View Drive                                                     


The Council is likely to act on the Plan Commissions recommendation immediately after the Public Hearing on whether the above described lands will be placed on the Citys Surplus Real Property Sales List.  If placed on the list, the properties will be available for sale 30 days after placement on the list.  All sales require approval of the Common Council.


Additional information related to the For Sale list is available at the Washburn City Hall.



Scott J. Kluver

City Clerk


Post Updated: May 15, 2015

Click Here to View the Most Recent Draft of West End Park Master Plan

The City Council and the West End Park Ad Hoc Committee will be meeting this Monday, May 18th at 6:00pm at the Washburn City Hall to discuss the Concept Plan and other plan components.  The public is encouraged to attend.


Posted: May 1, 2015




City of Washburn





The City of Washburn has a vacancy for immediate filling to complete an unexpired term on its Plan Commission. The vacant current term expires in April of 2016; full terms are three years. 


Application forms to which an individual may attach a resume or additional information on qualifications are available at the Washburn City Hall, 119 Washington Avenue, M-F, 8AM-5PM.  Application deadline is Noon on May 22, 2015.


For further information on the duties of position, term of office, and other related concerns, please contact Scott Kluver, 373-6160 ext. 4.   The position is appointed by the Mayor, with confirmation by the Common Council.  The Mayor may choose a personal interview with each candidate for possible appointment prior the City Council meeting scheduled for June 8, 2015.



Scott J. Kluver

Zoning Administrator/Clerk


Published: April 30, 2015








            Notice is Hereby Given that the City of Washburn will hold an organizational Joint Review Board meeting on May 21, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. at the Washburn City Hall, located at 119 Washington Avenue.  The purpose of this meeting is to organize a Joint Review Board for purposes of considering the proposed creation of, and proposed project plan for, Tax Incremental District No. 3 (the “District”).


Notice is Hereby Given that the Plan Commission of the City of Washburn will hold a public hearing on May 21, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.at the Washburn City Hall, located at 119 Washington Avenue, for the purpose of providing the community a reasonable opportunity to comment upon the proposed creation of the Project Plan for the District. 


The proposed boundaries of the District would be within an area generally described as including portions of the downtown area and parcels to the north and northwest of downtown.


             The District is expected to be a mixed-use district based on the identification and classification of the property proposed to be included within the District; and 


Proposed projects costs may include, but are not limited to: property acquisition for development, property acquisition for conservancy, acquisition of rights-of-way, acquisition of easements, relocation costs, environmental audits and remediation, demolition, site grading, sanitary sewer system improvements, water system improvements, stormwater management system improvements, electric service, gas service, communications infrastructure, street improvements, streetscaping and landscaping, contribution to Community Development Authority, revolving loan/grant program, rail spur, cash grants to owners, lessees or developers of land located within the district (development incentives),  professional and organizational services, administrative costs, and finance costs.  The proposed costs may include projects within the proposed boundary and within a ½ mile radius of the proposed boundary of the District. 


            All interested parties will be given a reasonable opportunity to express their views on the proposed creation of the District, the proposed boundaries of the District, and the proposed Project Plan thereof.  A copy of the Project Plan, including a description of the proposed boundaries, will be available for viewing in the offices of the City Clerk at the Washburn City Hall, located at 119 Washington Avenue, during normal business hours and will be provided upon request.


            Such hearing shall be public and citizens and interested parties shall then be heard.  This hearing may be adjourned from time to time.



By Order of the City of Washburn, Wisconsin




May 7, 2015

& May 14, 2015


Posted: April 20, 2015





Notice is hereby given that the Library Board of the City of Washburn intends to enter into a contract on May 5, 2015 exceeding $5,000 but less than $25,000 for the labor involved in replacing windows on the lower level of the Library. 


Questions on the Library Window Replacement Project should be directed to Darrell Pendergrass at 715-373-6172.  The Washburn Library is located at 307 Washington Ave., Washburn, WI 54891.


This notice is published as required under Wisconsin Statues 62.15(1). 


Scott J. Kluver, Administrator





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Project and to Review the Proposed Changes


Learn More About the Regional Housing Program


Administered through the Northwestern Regional Planning Commission (NWRPC), the Regional Housing Program offers qualifying Low- and Moderate-Income households with financial assistance for housing rehabilitation, homebuyer assistance, and funds towards handicapped accessibility modifications.


For more details about this program visit the program website or view the program brochure.



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